Monday, 9 November 2009

Non Commercial Vocation Of The LeChatdOsiris® Registered Trademark:

To put the things in order and to clear some thoughts about the LeChatdOsiris® vocation, it seems a necessity to remember why this registered trademark was created & how it was doing for, originally...

More than 15 years ago, the LeChatdOsiris® concept was born in Nicolas's mind, to stimulate the others creativity by some writings, poems, pictures, and some other cultural & artistic activities!! So, LeChatdOsiris® was used as a pen name or a pseudonym, and must be taken this way, and only this way, since so many years...

It was never created in any commercial vocation at all, but to be an entertaining & funny pen name to can stay a little, behind the scene, from this reality & world!! And keep some distance from the entertaining & funny stimulation game, and the true life!!

In the year 2008 the LeChatdOsiris® pen name has been officially registered as a French official registered trademark after some troubles, due to some fakes, impostors, playing to be the one & only one, real, LeChatdOsiris®, but wasn't!! To be officially a registered trademark give us the right to use this trademark, pen name, pseudonym, like a real indentity in regard of laws & authorities, and, to can officially claim against fraud, masquerade, or fakes...

So, LeChatdOsiris® was officially registered as a French trademark in the year 2008, to can protect the work, the rights, & copyrights to his one & only one owner, and to can prevent from any trouble due to fakes & impostors... This is the true reasons of this official registered trademark, and must stay it this way!!

This is so the reasons why, LeChatdOsiris® registered trademark is not on a commercial path, or vocation!!

LeChatdOsiris® is like a second name, a stage name, for the artist his owner is, no more!!

With hope to have clear some questionnings about the reality of the non commercial vocation of the LeChatdOsiris® registered trademark...


Nicolas T.

LeChatdOsiris® ©2009

All Rights Reserved All Countries!!

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